7 Easy Steps to Submitting a Draft to Any Publication on Medium

So easy … you can do this!

Nancy Blackman
10 min readApr 27, 2024


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Starting Point

Ready to start the tour? Hang on and enjoy yourself! Hopefully, you’ll learn something new and have fun doing it!

From your home page, look to the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Right next to your profile image, you will see these 2 icons:

1. Write First, Then Submit 😁

Click on the Write icon that looks like a pen on paper, which will automatically open a new window that looks like this:

Screenshot by Nancy Blackman

2. Add a Headline

Outside of adding a snazzy image, your headline is the first thing a reader sees. See that place where the word “Title” is in gray? Put your cursor there and type your headline. Hit RETURN/ENTER and you will see your cursor move to the next line below it.

It will look like this:



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