Exploring Doubt in the Stories of Thomas and Jonah in the Bible

A reflection on the fragility and complexity of humanity

Nancy Blackman
7 min readMar 5, 2023


Thomas and Jonah: Are Their Doubts More Similar Than You Think? by Nancy Blackman, Lent, spirituality, Christianity, God
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Spirit, help me to step out of my doubt and boldly step into faith.

Remember that guy Thomas? He’s often known as Doubting Thomas. The backstory is that when Jesus showed up to see the 12 disciples, Thomas wasn’t present. When the other 11 excitedly share the news with Thomas, he responds with I gotta’ see the hands and touch them with my own fingers. I won’t believe it until I see it. (John 20:24–25)

The next time they’re all gathered together, Jesus walks in, stands in the middle of the group, walks over to Thomas, and says, “Put your finger here and look at my hands! Put your hand into my side. Stop doubting and have faith!” (John 20:27, CEV)

Was Thomas the only doubter that Jesus encountered?

Remember Jonah? Yeah…he had some ‘splaining to do, didn’t he?

In fact, Jesus uses the story of Jonah when speaking to a crowd. (Lk. 11:29–32) Jesus recalls Jonah’s disobedience and the three days and nights that Jonah spent in the belly of the whale as a teaching moment and example.



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