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Nancy Blackman
7 min readMar 7, 2023
Created in Canva by Nancy Blackman, MASF

Let’s start with submissions from the latest Writing Prompt #26!

What job have you had in your past or present that has nurtured your soul?

Misty Rae has held many jobs in her life, but that one job that nurtured her soul also changed her perspective of people. What job is that, you ask? She worked in a group home helping the residents with daily activities.

At that moment, I didn’t see the most dangerous resident of all time. I saw a human being worthy of dignity and respect.

I asked him if he wanted to come out to the living room, to eat meals with the rest of the house. He said he did. We made a deal that night.

I promised to treat him like the grown man he was as long as he promised to act like it. He agreed and that’s where it started.

What I read in this beautiful testimony is that Misty Rae helped give dignity to one human being in particular, but I imagine she did it for everyone at the group home.



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