Rediscover Yourself: Remember Who You Are by Remembering What Matters Most

Take stock of your values and what brings meaning to your life

Nancy Blackman
4 min readSep 25
gradient background of yellow to pink. water color flowers on the left and right of the image. Quote in center: Stay centered on what matters by keeping what matters at the center. ― Richie Norton
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Spirit, remind me when I get off track. Remind me of my values. Remind me of what has great meaning in my life. Remind me that those are the important things.

May it be so.

When you get to the end of your life,
Your heart and breath slowing to a crawl,
The door slightly ajar for family and loved ones to appear
What will matter most?

Will your internet “friends” sit beside you
As you struggle to speak?
Will they hold your hand, clicking “likes” as you laugh or cry?
Will their words fill your heart and soul?
What will matter most?

Will all the selfies you took be a left legacy?
Will the cash in your account breathe new life into your lungs?
Will you be able to say, “You have made me what I am today?”
Filling your soul with peace and worth.
What will matter most?

Will all the commendations, certifications, and degrees
Firmly planted on your wall help you relive the glory of yourself?
Will those pieces of paper, stand up and shout, “Job well done!”
Filling your heart with affirmation
What will matter most?

Sometimes we put too much stock in things that can’t be taken with us. They won’t breathe life in the last days of your life.

It’s not to say that they didn’t bring great highlights to your life. Perhaps you met someone who is important to you — a person who has become a sacred friend while at work or school.

But, let’s face it, it’s not the internet, the certifications, or the thousands of images you took…



Nancy Blackman

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