You Are Right Where You Need to Be Today

Be proud of the small steps of courage you take each day

Nancy Blackman
6 min readJan 27
You Are Right Where You Need to Be Today by Nancy Blackman, spirituality, productivity, success, goals, refresh the soul
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Spirit, thank You that I am right where I need to be. From this place of okay, help me take steps of courage to meet my definition of success.

There’s a shift that happens when you show up. Every day. You show up, and you do your thing, even when you don’t want to.


Because in order to move into a space of achieving your goals and feeling good about what you’re doing you start from a place of okay.

Stop for a minute and allow that to sink in.

Speak it out loud to yourself,
“I am in a place of okay and I’m okay with that because I’m starting something new.”

Now say the next part,

In order for me to step into my version of success, I will be present to myself. I am enough.

In order to be successful, I need to be present to myself and I’m okay with that. I am enough. I am successful in the okay as I keep plodding to get to my greatness. It might not be the same as the next person’s greatness, but it will be my greatness.”

Give yourself a hug.

Feel free to make a note for yourself that says, Being okay with where I am now is freedom, allowing me to organically learn success that makes sense to me.

As you journey toward your goals of success, take some time to reassess from time to time. Moving into new dreams and spaces can be a bit of a spiritual awakening. And some of that will stir up fear.

In order to counter the fear, it’s good to know how to sense the seasons and step bravely into them.

I prayed about it consistently — that God would direct me in the right path and that, when it would happen, I would know that…