A Courageous Silence: Lessons in Selflessness and Sacrifice

What can you learn from Jesus’ display of humility?

Nancy Blackman
4 min readMar 8
An Unwavering Sacrifice in the Face of False Accusations by Nancy Blackman, spirituality, God, Lent, Jesus, Matthew 25
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Spirit, show us how to remain strong, selfless and abiding despite any false accusations that might come our way.

The section of Jesus’ story told in Matthew 26:57–67 is not for the weak of heart. Jesus is falsely accused by a group of people who claim Jesus has been blasphemous.

Jesus isn’t cyberstalked or bullied. It goes way beyond that.

Religious leaders circle the drain, attempting to condemn, quiet, and destroy Jesus at all costs — even to death.

But …

Before Jesus is put to death there is a level of treatment that no word can describe, but let’s try and use some adjectives.

  • horrific
  • hard-to-watch
  • tragic
  • unjust
  • horrendous
  • wrongful
  • unwarranted

“The chief priests and the whole council wanted to put Jesus to death. So they tried to find some people who would tell lies about him in court. But they could not find any, even though many did come and tell lies. At last, two men came forward 61 and said, “This man claimed he could tear down God’s temple and build it again in three days.””
— Matthew 26: 59–61, CEV

When the high priest asks Jesus about the false claims against Jesus being the Son of God, Jesus doesn’t answer.

The high priest is surprised at Jesus’ muteness.

“Why don’t you say something in your own defense? Don’t you hear the charges they are making against you?” — Matthew 26: 62, CEV

Still, Jesus remains silent.

The high priest then says, While God is looking down at you, you must say something. Tell the truth. Are you the Messiah?

Jesus finally speaks up:

That is what you say!” Jesus answered. “But I tell all of you,

“Soon you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right side of God All-Powerful and coming on the clouds of heaven.’”
— Matthew 26: 64…



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